Monday, January 16, 2017

Made for a Purpose

Made for a Purpose
by Kristie Wilde

My children love to learn about animals.  We have many books about different creatures in our home.  This new book, Made for a Purpose, is a welcome addition to our library and has been enjoyed many times over by my three little ones.

As children read though this book, they discover many familiar creatures, like the turtle, duck, frog, fish and more - animals often found in or near pond areas.  For each animal, there is discussion about what their unique features are made for, the things that make them special and individual from all others.  The book completes by pointing out that, just like the animals, God has created them for a purpose that is just as special and unique as the animals.

Illustrations are done in watercolor, by the author.  Colors are inviting and true to nature, scenes are realistic, and the animals are painted to look as they would in real life.

Made for a Purpose invites young readers to explore the idea that they are even more special than the animals God has created and that each of us was made for a purpose, a special reason.  We have enjoyed reading this book together, talking about each of the animals, and welcomed the discussions that have developed as they learned through this book.  The first in the Joyful Creation series to be written, there are sure to be more engaging books to come from this author.

* I received this book for free for the purposes of review in exchange for my honest and un-biased review through the Book Crash program.