Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freebies: January 21-26

My mailbox was filled with fun stuff this week...

 From Swaggable: Veggie Wash.  Generally a rinse with water person, this was new to me.  I tried it out on some celery as well as some apples and potatoes.  I can say that it did help clean the food.  I am not sure that I was sold into it enough to stop using my usual method, but I did enjoy the opportunity to try it out.

From Kout: $5 McDonald's gift card!

 Again from Swaggable: Dolphin Organics Lavendar Baby Wash.  The lavendar smell was too overpowering for me to use more than once.  I prefer my babies to not smell flowery, and with my sensitivity to smells, I could not use this product regularly.  I did like that the product was organic, however.  Just wish it smelled like a baby product instead of an elderly woman's perfume.
 Free sample of Beneful Tuscan Style Medley wet dog food and a coupon for my doggy :)
A free "I Know" bracelet from Kotex plus a $1 coupon.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Freebies: January 13-19

Look what came in the mail this week!...
Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate from Klout
The verdict:  I am a fan of dark chocolate, so I loved these candies.  Just a hint of pomegranate, I think there could be more of this flavor involved, but overall they were delicious!

Insulated tote bag from Tidy Cats plus a $3 coupon
Pampers wipes container, wipes sample, diaper and Dreft coupon
Aveda samples and Progresso Soup
Pull-Ups House Party Pack
Contained 14 of each: One package for each child of 1 boy and 1 girl pull up, 3 party hats with favors per child, one color page, sticker sheet, progress chart, app download instructions and coupon booklet
It's been fun to get the mail this week!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morning Star Farms BzzAgent Mission

Excited to try out a Morning Star Farms product. I am always interested in finding healthy meals for my family, and happy to have a chance to keep Meatless Monday going with a burger! Can't wait to try them.

Thanks to BzzAgent, I have been given the opportunity to try one product for free! I even got coupons to share with friends. I love BzzAgent!