Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freebies: January 21-26

My mailbox was filled with fun stuff this week...

 From Swaggable: Veggie Wash.  Generally a rinse with water person, this was new to me.  I tried it out on some celery as well as some apples and potatoes.  I can say that it did help clean the food.  I am not sure that I was sold into it enough to stop using my usual method, but I did enjoy the opportunity to try it out.

From Kout: $5 McDonald's gift card!

 Again from Swaggable: Dolphin Organics Lavendar Baby Wash.  The lavendar smell was too overpowering for me to use more than once.  I prefer my babies to not smell flowery, and with my sensitivity to smells, I could not use this product regularly.  I did like that the product was organic, however.  Just wish it smelled like a baby product instead of an elderly woman's perfume.
 Free sample of Beneful Tuscan Style Medley wet dog food and a coupon for my doggy :)
A free "I Know" bracelet from Kotex plus a $1 coupon.

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