Monday, January 25, 2016

2PM Essentials Frosted Cobalt Blue Roller Bottles Review

My new essential oil hobby is slowly gathering steam as I add more products to my collection.  The latest addition is some new roller ball bottles for application purposes.  As I am still learning, I am adding things a little at a time.  I opted to try these roller bottles first.
 Available in packs of 2, 6 or 20, I ordered a 2 pack to start out.  The bottles came in a cardboard wrapper within a bubble envelope.
 Inside the box, the bottles were packaged in a zipper bag.
 The roller ball caps are packaged separately from the bottles and tops.
 The bottles require a little assembly once the oil has been put into the bottle.
 These cobalt blue bottles are a very dark blue, almost purple.  The bottles are solid blue glass, not painted glass.  They are heavy duty and thick.
 The roller balls are made of stainless steel and tucked into a plastic cup.
 Once the bottle has been filled with oil and a carrier, the roller ball cap simply pops into the neck of the bottle.  I did not find the fit to be very tight, as i could easily pull it back out again without any extra force or need for tools, just a little wiggling.  This didn't seem very secure to me, but so far they have not fallen out with use.  However, I am cautious and aware when using them because I do know how easily the cap can be removed.
The bottle cap itself is made of plastic and painted to look like brushed aluminum.  These feel cheap and mine already have little scratches that reveal the white plastic underneath . They still perform the duty of capping the bottle, but they are not going to be pretty for long with regular use.  

The bottles come with notification that the roller ball will need some priming to get to to roll freely, and even includes tips to make it happen if the oils do so enough for one's liking.  I found them to work just fine after I spent some time priming them.

Overall, these bottles do the job, but for the price I paid for two (over $8), I feel like the quality should be better with the roller ball seal and the bottle lid.  They work fine, but not fantastic.  

You can find these bottles here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.  

OZ Naturals Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer

Winter means dry skin for me.  I am not a big makeup person, nor am I big into beauty products, but at the least I need to have a good facial moisturizer on hand in addition to my skin lotion to battle the dry winter air.  I much prefer to have a natural option when it comes to products I put on my skin, so I was happy to give this new moisturizer a try.
 Oz Natural's Sea Infused Herbal Moisturizer contains Vitamin C, Algae Keratin Extract and Blueberry Extract.  What it doesn't contain is more important, though...  No alcohol, parabens, sulfates or weird chemicals with names I cannot pronounce.
 This is a 4 oz tube and comes well packaged and has an inner foil seal as well, so no lost product in shipping.  It is a light tan color and has very little to no smell to it.  I am not a fan of perfumes or many other scents, so before I even put it on my skin, I wanted to know what the smell would be, and I could barely detect it.

The moisturizer is a creamy texture, a little on the thinner side, but not runny.  it rubs in smoothly and absorbs quickly without a greasy feel.  It feels lightweight on the skin.  I have not had any issue with it clogging pores or creating an oily build up.

This product claims anti-aging abilities:
- Seaweed proteins perform collagen building duties
- Enhanced cellular permeability to help move toxins out and nutrients in 
- Organic ingredient combinations provide UV protection and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles

While I cannot speak from longevity or science to prove those claims, I can say it makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized.  In addition, knowing it is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility helps to provide some peace of mind about putting this product on my skin.

You can find it here

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.  All opinions are my own.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Raising God's Girl Review

Raising God's Girl
by Rich and Mary Lou Graham

A mom of three precious girls, I am always interested in learning how to be a better parent and to raise them in a manner pleasing to God.  In a world filled with low self-esteem, poor role models and detached relationships through social media, I want my girls to grow up seeing and feeling love in a very real way.  I want to do my best to raise them to rise above the worldly mess sucking in so many of their peers, to become strong women of faith who are confident.

The Graham's book is one such tool I have discovered to help me on this path.  Their book is filled with very real and down to earth stories, examples and ideas to help other parents raise their daughters.  Each chapter is full of insight and Biblical wisdom as well as personal experience on the behalf of the Graham's.  Written by both a father and a mother, the reader gets both sides of the parenting field, and as such makes it a great read for moms and dads alike.

I have enjoyed getting to know the Graham family through this book and have learned much about myself as well as how to better parent my daughters.  I have also enjoyed reading insightful segments from the daughters of that family, to hear how they have perceived their parents' guidance.  It has given me perspective from both the parent and daughter side of things, and has given me confidence that I am doing a good job and can continue to do so in learning and following Godly examples such as theirs.

This book will remain on my shelf as a reference and repeated read as I rear my girls, no doubt I will want the reminders over the years.  I highly recommend this book to any parent of girls.  Christian or not, there are plenty of tips and pointers to help raise a confident and emotionally healthy young lady.

You can find it here

* I received this book for free through BookCrash in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two Piece Packing Cube Set Review

I am a big fan of order and everything having a place.  So, when I learned of the Packing Cubes by C+F, I snatched up the chance to try and review them.  I love these!!!

I got to try the 2 piece set of Large Packing Cubes.  
Because they are mesh and fabric, they fold down nice and flat, but have tons of room inside once the packing begins.  I was able to pack a weekend's worth of clothes for two of my children into one bag and still have room to spare, and this without rolling or squishing, or cramming and hoping the zipper would close.  
I love the handle that makes transporting each cube easier, and also makes them great for more than just luggage packing.  I was able to just use the organizer as a travel bag in itself.
From a flat piece to a filled organizer in moments, these things have tons of room to expand.
Things I love about these organizers:

* A large mesh corner on the front for breathability. 
* Potential in my family for each member to have their own, which equates to super organization.
 Also the ability to have a clean and dirty cube as the trip comes to a close, which makes the unpacking even easier - no sorting!

* They fit in my luggage or can be used on their own.  They are even great for organizing closets, car trunks and other spaces in the home.
Bottom line, these things are great and I plan to stock up on more!  

You can get your own here

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, January 4, 2016

#JingleVoxBox Review

As an Influenster, I was recently chosen to be a part of the #JingleVoxBox campaign.  I got some pretty great things in my box, and all for free!


Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is great for dry or sensitive skin.  Especially during the cold, dry winter months, I love this lotion.  It is gentle enough for babies and children, great for all ages, and works so well.  Regular use has my hands feeling soft and moisturized, ready to take on the winter months.  #Cheerphil

Ore Ida

Ore Ida has created the idea of Totchos - Tater Tots dressed up like Nachos, and they are great!  You can dress these little spuds up in so many ways, and they make a delicious party snack.  These tots are good for so much more than breakfast!  Always made of quality Grade A potatoes, a trusted brand offering delicious potato options.  #OreIdaTotchos

Hallmark itty bittys

Hallmark has a new collectible on the market, one that people of all ages are embracing - Itty Bittys.  These little plush, bean filled toys come in many different familiar characters from Marvel to the Wizard of Oz, Disney Princesses, Star Wars and so much more.  There is one for everybody.  Cute and little, they make great gifts! #ittybittys

Pure Ice
I received the "Party Hard" blue nail polish in my box. This shade is very bold and attention grabbing.  If you are into colorful nails, this is for you.  Pure Ice nail polish offers a strong finish, shiny and professional looking at a very small price and lasts for quite a while. #PureIce

With these lashes, it is easy to apply some wow factor with little effort.  Using lash adhesive, these lashes stay put through the day and do so comfortably.  They are easy to trim if needed and will fit any eye due to their ease of flexibility.  Made with real hair, they look real without the need for makeup.  #KISSLashes

NYC New York Color

This eyeliner is long lasting, it really does work for 24 hours. The waterproof claim is dead on as well. Rain, tears, any moisture life can throw at you does not make this eyeliner run. It goes on easily and looks great! #cityproofnyc


These little cookies are a perfect partner to a cup of coffee or tea, a fun way to start the day or enjoy a little snack. Sweet and crunchy, a little indulgent and fancy when you want something special.  The Biscoff cookies are a delicious little treat for anytime  #MyBiscoffBreak

* I received each of these products for free from Influenster for the purposes of review.  All opinions expressed are my own.