Thursday, January 21, 2016

Raising God's Girl Review

Raising God's Girl
by Rich and Mary Lou Graham

A mom of three precious girls, I am always interested in learning how to be a better parent and to raise them in a manner pleasing to God.  In a world filled with low self-esteem, poor role models and detached relationships through social media, I want my girls to grow up seeing and feeling love in a very real way.  I want to do my best to raise them to rise above the worldly mess sucking in so many of their peers, to become strong women of faith who are confident.

The Graham's book is one such tool I have discovered to help me on this path.  Their book is filled with very real and down to earth stories, examples and ideas to help other parents raise their daughters.  Each chapter is full of insight and Biblical wisdom as well as personal experience on the behalf of the Graham's.  Written by both a father and a mother, the reader gets both sides of the parenting field, and as such makes it a great read for moms and dads alike.

I have enjoyed getting to know the Graham family through this book and have learned much about myself as well as how to better parent my daughters.  I have also enjoyed reading insightful segments from the daughters of that family, to hear how they have perceived their parents' guidance.  It has given me perspective from both the parent and daughter side of things, and has given me confidence that I am doing a good job and can continue to do so in learning and following Godly examples such as theirs.

This book will remain on my shelf as a reference and repeated read as I rear my girls, no doubt I will want the reminders over the years.  I highly recommend this book to any parent of girls.  Christian or not, there are plenty of tips and pointers to help raise a confident and emotionally healthy young lady.

You can find it here

* I received this book for free through BookCrash in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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