Monday, January 25, 2016

2PM Essentials Frosted Cobalt Blue Roller Bottles Review

My new essential oil hobby is slowly gathering steam as I add more products to my collection.  The latest addition is some new roller ball bottles for application purposes.  As I am still learning, I am adding things a little at a time.  I opted to try these roller bottles first.
 Available in packs of 2, 6 or 20, I ordered a 2 pack to start out.  The bottles came in a cardboard wrapper within a bubble envelope.
 Inside the box, the bottles were packaged in a zipper bag.
 The roller ball caps are packaged separately from the bottles and tops.
 The bottles require a little assembly once the oil has been put into the bottle.
 These cobalt blue bottles are a very dark blue, almost purple.  The bottles are solid blue glass, not painted glass.  They are heavy duty and thick.
 The roller balls are made of stainless steel and tucked into a plastic cup.
 Once the bottle has been filled with oil and a carrier, the roller ball cap simply pops into the neck of the bottle.  I did not find the fit to be very tight, as i could easily pull it back out again without any extra force or need for tools, just a little wiggling.  This didn't seem very secure to me, but so far they have not fallen out with use.  However, I am cautious and aware when using them because I do know how easily the cap can be removed.
The bottle cap itself is made of plastic and painted to look like brushed aluminum.  These feel cheap and mine already have little scratches that reveal the white plastic underneath . They still perform the duty of capping the bottle, but they are not going to be pretty for long with regular use.  

The bottles come with notification that the roller ball will need some priming to get to to roll freely, and even includes tips to make it happen if the oils do so enough for one's liking.  I found them to work just fine after I spent some time priming them.

Overall, these bottles do the job, but for the price I paid for two (over $8), I feel like the quality should be better with the roller ball seal and the bottle lid.  They work fine, but not fantastic.  

You can find these bottles here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.  

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