Friday, August 26, 2016

Our K9 Bark Collar Review

I have been toying with the idea of getting a bark collar for my dog for a while now.  I had been advised to look into a shock collar, but with my dog being 4.5 pounds, I didn't like the idea of shocking such a small, thin skinned animal.  When I came across the opportunity to obtain a shock free collar, I was immediately interested.
 The Our K9 Bark Collar comes in a handy storage case and instructions are emailed as well as included for correct use.  Purchasers receive multiple email messages with very explicit video instructions on use of the product.
 The case comes with 2 batteries, a collar and the bark control.
 This set is made for tiny dogs.  The collar was much too large for my dog, but is made with many tiny breeds in mind.  Video instructions clearly show you how to assemble and trim the collar to prevent fraying.  I easily put it together in minutes.
 Users are directed to allow and adjustment period of 24-48 hours for the dog to get used to wearing the collar before installing the battery and introducing bark correction.  When the battery installation stage comes, it is easily done by removing the collar and sliding the strap aside to access the battery door.
 The back of the bark control has two prongs that sit on either side of the dog's windpipe.  There is also a small air sensor that triggers the collar when the dog barks by sensing air movement.
 The control itself is small and comfortable fits on the dog's neck.  It is a bit bigger than I anticipated for a tiny dog like mine, but she still has room on her neck for her regular collar as well, so it's not too much of a hindrance.
 Once assembled and the adjustment period has passed, the collar is placed on with the battery in place and training begins.  There are 8 levels of correction with this collar before it resets.  The dog gets a free bark before the collar starts to offer correction, beginning with a beep at bark two, a longer beep at bark three, the beep with a short vibration at bark four and then increasing in length of beep and vibration until bark 8.  Then it shuts down for 1 minute to allow the dog a break.
My dog was intimidated by the collar itself, with out any battery or correction.  She spent the first 24 hours barely moving when it was on, and still cowers some when called and is less active if she is wearing it.  The collar definitely needs to be on tight.  I was surprised how tight.  My brain tells me 2 fingers is safe for mobility, but with this collar 1 finger is all that should fit.  I had to re-adjust a few times, but I could tell that it was not tight enough during the adjustment phase because it would move is she scratched, even when I thought it was already tight.

Usually by step three, my dog has ceased barking because if the beeps don't get her attention the vibration surely does.  I have been using this complete with battery for about 4 days now and notice a marked difference when she wears the collar vs. when she doesn't.  Things like the doorbell, visitors, people walking by, etc. would set her off before, now she is hesitant to bark or only does once or twice instead of incessantly if she is wearing the collar.

As directed, each time she barks and the collar corrects, I issue her a command to be quiet.  I am hopeful that with a few weeks of this repeated behavior she will be able to go collar free and understand my command in place of the collar correction.

I am very pleased with how gentle and effective this collar is.  There is no pain or discomfort beyond sound and a vibration (which I tested on myself and found it little more than a tickle).  It is doing amazing things for my yapping Yorkie and I am one happy customer.

With collars in 9 different sizes, you can find one for your dog here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

Monday, August 15, 2016

FitBit Alta 12 Pack Screen Protectors

Ever since I got my FitBit Alta, I have been nervous about scratching the screen.  I was very happy when this package showed up in my mailbox.
 This package comes with 12 screen protectors, 12 dust absorbers, a cleaning cloth and a cardboard "tool" to help press the screen protector in place.
 Installation is very basic and easy.  Once the screen has been cleaned with the enclosed cloth, you put a dust absorber sticker over the screen to pull up any last remaining specks.
 The final step is placing the screen protector film over the screen.  This step left me wishing there was a bit more to the screen protector to hold onto.  It is a clear sticker with a film cover on a clear sticker sheet.  The protector is just a bit smaller than the screen.  To pull the sticker off, you have to peel it off the sheet and end up touching the sticky side as there are no tabs on the side to aide with this, which frustrated me because then I had finger prints.

Once the sticker is in place, and hopefully not to gummed up from being touched that it will not adhere (as happened with the first attempt and resulted in me throwing one away from the start), it is time to press the protector down to get air bubbles out.  I found out through my first attempt that it is better to apply from one end to the other instead of putting the full sticker on and then trying to work out bubbles.  The included applicator tool was pretty useless in this step since it is a thin cardboard that bends with any pressure.  My fingernail worked much better.  After it was all in place and bubble free, I pulled the top film off to reveal the screen protected.
The screen protector is not hard, simply a thin plastic sticker.  It does help with surface scratches, but any serious dings are going right through it.  It also gets marked up easily, so I can see myself going through this 12 pack pretty quickly, especially if I have to waste some to get it right each time.  There is no forgiveness with applying these, unfortunately.

However, for now, I feel a little better about wearing my Fit Bit and am hopeful for the protection it promises to offer.

You can find these here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

Bra Strap Clip Review

I am slow at getting some of these clips to help conceal bra straps for some of the trendier shirts I own, but I have finally purchased some.  The pack I bought came with 9 clips - 3 in white, tan and black.  They are basic plastic construction made simply to pull both shoulder straps together into the middle of one's back to change the direction the straps run and therefore conceal them.
They seemed pretty self-explanatory, but the package came with instructions anyway, so after reading through them I attempted to follow the steps.
 The first step was pretty simple, once I determined which way was up.  Just slide the clip onto one strap, easy enough.
 From there, it got a bit more complicated.  Directions are to slide it over your shoulder to the middle of the strap and then attach it to the other strap.  Easier said than done.  However, after some struggling and contorting as well as some irritation at the clip getting hung up on parts of the bra strap, I got it into place.

 I couldn't get the straps to sit flat once pulled together, but hoped in the middle it wouldn't matter.  Shirt back on, and the clip definitely did the job of hiding the straps.
Moving forward, should I wear any of my more revealing racerback shirts or such, I will probably get my husband to give me a hand with these clips, it was kind of a pain to get straight behind my back.  However, the clips do their job and stay in place all day.

You can find these clips here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hosezzle Expandable Hose Review

I do a lot of gardening and yard work in the summer, so a reliable garden hose is always necessary for me.  Recently, I had the chance to try this expandable garden hose.
 I had already tried a similar hose from a different manufacturer and was pleased with it - until recently when I tried to use it and found it's inner hose burst despite it being stored empty.  Sad day for me, because I really like the convenience of these hoses.  So, when I got the opportunity to try a new one, I took it.
This hose already starts out better because it comes with a spray nozzle, where others just come with the hose.
 An 8 function sprayer, it is not anything special or fancy, just your basic plastic model, but for general around the house stuff, it works just fine.
 The hose comes with brass ends, which is much better than other hoses with plastic ends.  These feel strong enough to last, not cheap and definitely will not break or crack if dropped.
The hose starts out coiled up.  Once filled with water, it expands to 50 feet in a matter of minutes.  Once the hose is filled, it is ready to use and will continue to fill as it is being used.  Once the work is done, simply let the water out and the hose re-coils for storage. 

This style of hose is really convenient!  No kinks, bends or bulges that interfere with water flow.  They are lightweight and easy to pull around the yard, and durable enough to be drug over rocks, sticks and other obstacles without causing damage.  I love that it stores so neatly and that I don't have to fuss with coiling it back up carefully or needing to find a hook to hang it on.  So far, I am very pleased with this hose and have hopes that it lasts me at least one gardening season.

You can find this product here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mamaway Belly Band Review

The post-pregnancy belly takes time to return to normal, contrary to mainstream media portrayal and widespread belief.  Having been through this process 3 times already, I can speak for the reality of the time it takes and the weeks and months of wearing maternity clothes for comfort past delivery due to things needing time to return to their original position.  It doesn't happen overnight.

To help support women and speed this process, Mamaway has their Postnatal Recovery and Support Belly Band
This product is a wide supportive band to be worn around the abdomen after delivery to help with pelvic floor and uterus recovery by stablizing the abdomen and also providing posture support.  It is designed for natural or c-section deliveries.
This wrap is wide, think corset style, only not stiff or constricting.  It is made of soft materials that bend and flex easily with movement.  It is made mainly of nylon and polyester and claims to contain Bamboo Charcoal to help with odor absorption by providing breathability.
This wrap involves a 3-step fastening system.  The large main strap attaches around the belly first, then two smaller straps coming from each side secure where needed to provide extra support.  This band is designed to go through washes without deforming.  It is soft and flexible, lightweight and breathable.
While the manufacturer claims this product helps give you a waist line and a smooth silhouette under clothing, I find it to be too bulky to really do that unless one is wearing heavier shirts.  Tight fitting shirts will definitely show the profile of this wrap.
As far as wearing it goes, it does indeed provide compression and support as well as trim the waistline.  Even at 15 weeks pregant with baby #4, it trimmed me easily, though with a baby bump its not comfortable or advised.  It is definitely able to flex and bend without rolling or sliding around.  I can sit comfortably in it and have plenty of room to adjust for comfort with all three bands.  For around home after baby is born, I can see this being helpful, but I doubt I will feel comfortable wearing this around in public. I cannot speak to whether is speeds recovery as I have yet to reach that point, but look forward to trying this out once baby #4 has arrived.

You can find this product here

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review