Monday, August 15, 2016

FitBit Alta 12 Pack Screen Protectors

Ever since I got my FitBit Alta, I have been nervous about scratching the screen.  I was very happy when this package showed up in my mailbox.
 This package comes with 12 screen protectors, 12 dust absorbers, a cleaning cloth and a cardboard "tool" to help press the screen protector in place.
 Installation is very basic and easy.  Once the screen has been cleaned with the enclosed cloth, you put a dust absorber sticker over the screen to pull up any last remaining specks.
 The final step is placing the screen protector film over the screen.  This step left me wishing there was a bit more to the screen protector to hold onto.  It is a clear sticker with a film cover on a clear sticker sheet.  The protector is just a bit smaller than the screen.  To pull the sticker off, you have to peel it off the sheet and end up touching the sticky side as there are no tabs on the side to aide with this, which frustrated me because then I had finger prints.

Once the sticker is in place, and hopefully not to gummed up from being touched that it will not adhere (as happened with the first attempt and resulted in me throwing one away from the start), it is time to press the protector down to get air bubbles out.  I found out through my first attempt that it is better to apply from one end to the other instead of putting the full sticker on and then trying to work out bubbles.  The included applicator tool was pretty useless in this step since it is a thin cardboard that bends with any pressure.  My fingernail worked much better.  After it was all in place and bubble free, I pulled the top film off to reveal the screen protected.
The screen protector is not hard, simply a thin plastic sticker.  It does help with surface scratches, but any serious dings are going right through it.  It also gets marked up easily, so I can see myself going through this 12 pack pretty quickly, especially if I have to waste some to get it right each time.  There is no forgiveness with applying these, unfortunately.

However, for now, I feel a little better about wearing my Fit Bit and am hopeful for the protection it promises to offer.

You can find these here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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