Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mamaway Belly Band Review

The post-pregnancy belly takes time to return to normal, contrary to mainstream media portrayal and widespread belief.  Having been through this process 3 times already, I can speak for the reality of the time it takes and the weeks and months of wearing maternity clothes for comfort past delivery due to things needing time to return to their original position.  It doesn't happen overnight.

To help support women and speed this process, Mamaway has their Postnatal Recovery and Support Belly Band
This product is a wide supportive band to be worn around the abdomen after delivery to help with pelvic floor and uterus recovery by stablizing the abdomen and also providing posture support.  It is designed for natural or c-section deliveries.
This wrap is wide, think corset style, only not stiff or constricting.  It is made of soft materials that bend and flex easily with movement.  It is made mainly of nylon and polyester and claims to contain Bamboo Charcoal to help with odor absorption by providing breathability.
This wrap involves a 3-step fastening system.  The large main strap attaches around the belly first, then two smaller straps coming from each side secure where needed to provide extra support.  This band is designed to go through washes without deforming.  It is soft and flexible, lightweight and breathable.
While the manufacturer claims this product helps give you a waist line and a smooth silhouette under clothing, I find it to be too bulky to really do that unless one is wearing heavier shirts.  Tight fitting shirts will definitely show the profile of this wrap.
As far as wearing it goes, it does indeed provide compression and support as well as trim the waistline.  Even at 15 weeks pregant with baby #4, it trimmed me easily, though with a baby bump its not comfortable or advised.  It is definitely able to flex and bend without rolling or sliding around.  I can sit comfortably in it and have plenty of room to adjust for comfort with all three bands.  For around home after baby is born, I can see this being helpful, but I doubt I will feel comfortable wearing this around in public. I cannot speak to whether is speeds recovery as I have yet to reach that point, but look forward to trying this out once baby #4 has arrived.

You can find this product here

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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