Monday, July 25, 2016

Mamaway Far Infared Nursing and Sleep Bra

Stocking up for pregnancy #4, I knew more sleep nursing bras were in order.  I found this one and wanted to give it a try.
 The Mamaway Far Infared Nursing Bra is your basic sleep nursing bra with a cross over pull down design for ease of use at night.  It is made of polyester with spandex and "Far Infared" nano fibers.  It claims these fibers help increase blood circulation and therefore help encourage milk production.  I cannot speak to any of those factors, and it seems a bit of a stretch to me that your basic nursing bra could do that, it is after all just fabric.
 Those claims aside, I found his bra has hooks in the back, so it is worn like your regular bra with need to hook/unhook.  My current sleep nursing bras slip over like a sports bra, which I much prefer.  However, I found I can do the same with this one without unhooking it, so though I would rather the hooks not be there at all, I can deal with it.

 The bra has a cross over v design so that either side can be pulled down for access without undoing hooks or clasps at night.  This feature works as expected.
 The back dips down where the hooks attach the sides.
 Another thing I am not a fan of is the boning on either side of the bra.
 The thin strip is fairly bendable, but is still boning that can be hard as well as deform after washing and use as is usually the case.  Again, I would prefer it not be there and it seems unnecessary for a sleeping bra.
 The bra is claimed to be lavender - I would say pink.  If one would call it lavender, it would be a very light lavender.  To my eyes, this is a basic baby pink.  Color really makes no difference to me, but if you want lavender be aware this is far from purple.

Over all, I'm not super excited about this bra and its definitely not better than what I have already.  It is comfortable to wear, soft and easy to use, but the milk production claims leave me questioning validity and the design with hooks and boning detract from my love of the bra.  It's ok and will work just fine, but I'm not singing it's praises as the best out there, at least not for me.

You can find one of these here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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