Monday, July 18, 2016

GERmanikure Crystal Nail File Review

I have heard so much about glass or crystal nail files lately that I wanted to get one for myself to check it out.  I am not a big nail person, I don't get manicures or paint them regularly, but I do maintain them at home for the basics, and the cardboard sandpaper like files I have at home are admittedly junk.

GERmanikure offers a line of crystal nail files with messages on them.  These two sided files come with a message engraved in one side (Mine says "I am too pretty to work") and a leather case for storing the file when not in use.

The case is a quality piece that seems like it will hold together for years.
The file itself is two toned.  Mine is pink where the words are etched and white on the file end.
The words are etched in to stay for a long time.  They will not rub off with use.
The file itself is a thick crystal material that was much smoother than I expected.  It is pointed at one end and rounded on the edges.  There are no sharp points that will cause injury.
The file surface, though smooth, does a great job of filing nail surfaces.  It doesn't scratch or roughen much with use, but surprisingly smooths and shapes nail surfaces.  I even tried this file on my dog's nails after trimming them and it it worked wonders!
I am a new fan and anticipate this file lasting in my house for many years, unlike those cheap ones that I toss after one use.  Very cool!

You can find one here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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