Monday, July 11, 2016

Mamaway Nursing Bra Review

Pregnant with #4 while still nursing #3, I have lots of experience trying out different nursing bras over the years.  I am pretty particular and thought I had found one I really liked - until I tried this nursing bra.

The bra comes packaged very simply in a plastic bag, no hangers or fuss.
This is a completely wire free bra that is elastic and spandex with cups designed to stretch and grow through pregnancy, up to 3 cup sizes the seller claims.  There is plenty of stretch and give, but also loads of support and security
The back has 4 rows of 3 clasps for a secure fit.  The straps are fairly narrow in my experience with nursing bras.  This worried me a bit because I had read a description claiming wide straps.  However, once I put it on, this was no big deal at all and I preferred the thinner width than my current bra that always seemed to hang out under clothing and draw attention.  These do not cut into my shoulders or cause any discomfort at all.
The bra opens simply with one hand clasps on the front.
Narrow straps on the inside help attach the shoulder strap to the lower part of the bra when the front is opened for security.
The sides of the bra have tons of stretch and give for pregnancy growth, a design sewn on the side panel gives a little decor.  This is not your cute, frilly, fun bra, but is sure is comfortable and functional.
There is padding in the bra that is easily removable.  The padding is shaped so that it only fits one way.  The bra can be worn without the pads too, it is comfortable either way.
I am loving this bra and saving my money to buy more because they are worth it!

You can find it here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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