Thursday, October 11, 2012

BzzAgent Mission

Check out the new line of products from Glade.  I get to try them for free thanks to BzzAgent!  Can't wait to get my package and put them to use :). Review to follow.

Update: got my package in the mail containing two coupons for free product - one for a room spray and one for a diffuser kit. I picked up an apple room spray and a Mangosteen diffuser kit.

Overall, I like the product as a whole. The scents are light and pleasant, not perfumey. I chose to buy Pineapple & Mangosteen for the diffuser and Fuji Aple & Cardamom Spice for the room spray.  Both scents are very pleasant, not heavy or overpowering.  As I am very sensitive to smells and get headaches from many smells, I was a little worried about putting the product to use in my home.  I was happy to find I had no trouble at all with either scent. 

The diffuser kit is attractive and decorative.  The fragrance oil just snaps right into the decorative holder, no mess or chance for spilling like with reed diffusers.  The holder is a wood material carved with leaves - really attractive for having out and visible.  Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of use, the diffuser has become deformed, curling out from the top much more than it had initially upon purchase, I suspect due to drying :(  It still functions and looks fine from the front, but from the side it looks broken.

The room spray is awesome because it comes in a re-usable can cover wich makes leaving it out in a room a more attractive option.  Easy to use and re-fillable by just popping the used canister out and clicking a new one in.  No trigger, the holder squeezes to release the spray.

Pricy and not a product I would generally buy on my tight budget, but enjoyable and attractive to use in my home, especially for free!

I was provided the products to try free by BzzAgent.

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