Monday, October 5, 2015

Portable Bluetooth Outdoor/Waterproof Speaker

I love having the ability to play my music through a Bluetooth speaker.  One of the things I can't do much with my current Bluetooth speaker is take it outside for fear of it getting dirt inside, wet, or even dropped.  Thankfully, I now have an option!
 The Soundfit speaker by AYL (Accessorize Your Life) is a handy little speaker that packs a big punch.  Complete with a storage bag and the cords needed for connecting and charging, it comes in a perfect little package.
I love this little speaker and it's big volume.  There is no need to have it cranked indoor, it is just too loud.  Outside, it can be heard well from quite a distance away.  This speaker has up to 12 hours of continuous battery life and recharges in a quick 3-4 hours with the included micro-USB cable.  It also comes with an adapter cable so the device you wish to play from can be connected if Bluetooth capabilities are not available.  Both ports are conveniently hidden under a panel that easily removes for access.
The bottom of the speaker has a spot that could be screwed onto a tripod for mounting.
Buttons are all protected under the case, but push easily with little effort.  With this speaker, you can power up, adjust volume, and even answer phone calls.
It also has a handy strap attached for hanging in the shower, on a bike handle, or anywhere else you might find.

The speaker works up to 33 feet away, giving you a good range with Bluetooth active.  It is universally compatible and easily pairs with any Bluetooth device.  Once the speaker is turned on, pairing is as easy as selecting the device.  With my phones, it quickly located and connected to them, without any fuss on my part.

One of my complaints is in advertising.  It is indeed NOT waterproof, but water resistant.  It is able to withstand a drop in the water if retrieved quickly.  The speaker can withstand a low pressure water stream from any angle, so the shower or a light rain should not hurt it.  I chose to play it safe and use it in the bathroom, knowing that the humidity would not harm the speaker.  

I am also a bit disappointed in the volume at which it chimes when powering on/off or pairing.  It cannot be adjusted and is very loud.  However, this little speaker is heavy duty and durable.  My kids have already put it to the test, dropping it on several surfaces and from different heights and it still works just great.

3 Year Warranty

You can find this speaker here

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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