Friday, March 18, 2016

PURGGO Car Air Freshener Review

I am not a big fan of scented car air fresheners.  The never last, there are very few scents I actually like, they are so overpowering at first and then not noticeable after just days...  They just don't seem worth it to me.  But, I wanted something for my car to address the pent up winter/wet car smells that accumulate in the cold weather months.  When I came across the opportunity to try this bamboo charcoal air freshener from Purggo, I took it.
Right away, I was impressed with this product.  It comes packaged so simply yet attractively.  With a sleeve just big enough to house the item and no overkill, it simply and easily explains how to use the product without added inserts and wasted paper.
Once removed from the package, one finds a simple dark gray pillow of sorts with a blue cord handle.
The cord is well secured to the air freshener by webbed straps sewn onto the back of the product.
These cords, for hanging the air freshener on the car seat headrest, are easily adjustable simply by sliding the cord.
Installation is simple.  Just slip the cord over top of the vehicle headrest in whichever seat location you choose and slide the knots along the cord to adjust the length at which it hangs.  I opted to remove my headrest and slide the cord through the seat handle and then over the headrest posts to make leave the entry handle accessible. 
Once in place, the air freshener is pretty much out of the way and not really noticeable unless you look for it.  I t does really seem to work. Of course, that can't be proven, but I do not notice the closed up winter car smell I had been noting, so i believe it is doing what it is designed to.  
What I love about this air freshener:
- the pouch is filled with bamboo charcoal, a natural odor absorber
- there is no scent that comes from the air freshener.  No perfumey smell to cover over odors,
- it is easy to use
- it lasts for 365+ days.  Directions suggest placing it out in the sunshine occasionally to help dry out any moisture it might absorb.  Aside from that, there is no maintenance, and it lasts for a whole year!

I am very pleased with this product and definitely recommend it.

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review
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