Monday, November 7, 2016

Blessings of Unity Review

The Blessings of Unity: God's Best for Our Marriages
by Richard T. Case

Written from many years of marriage and training experience, Blessings of Unity offers readers a quick read that is filled with knowledge and helpful information to create a deeper, more united marriage.  This book is small enough to read through in a very short time, with only 9 chapters and 130 pages, but packed with insight.  It is packed with scriptural reference to back the points as well.

The book opens with an activity for couples to participate in, a survey of sorts, to find out the current level of unity as viewed by each spouse separately.  From there, it gives the couple an idea of areas that need more work than others.  Following this, readers learn about the topics of Division and Discord, Unity, The Keys to Unity, the necessity to have God's word as a part of the marriage, handling disagreements and differences of opinion, prayer, biblical examples and more.

Each chapter offers an explanation, clear suggestions to work toward the chapter topic, following printed biblical reference.  The scriptural references come from the New American Standard Bible.  While not one of my favorite translations, it does well enough to get the point across.  I found some of the paragraphs to run a little long, which distracted me a little from the content, but overall I found the information helpful and it gave my husband and I some discussion focus.

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