Friday, March 25, 2011

Barnyard Stories

Barnyard Stories
by Sylvia Price Mueller

A sound idea, this book offers short chapters, roughly 2 pages, each with an individual story that can be connected back to the overall concept of a farm with talking animals.  The animals learn lessons, meet friends, have adventures and encounter morals along the way.

There are no illustrations in this book, a detriment, in my opinon.  Pages are bland without any creative pictures to accompany the story.

While the stories are imaginitive in nature, they are a bit odd.  As an adult, I cannot say what a child would think, but in comparison with other favored and popular children's tall tales, fables and stories involving animals, this book falls way to the bottom.  Beyond the silliness, which is welcome in tales such as these, the stories feel forced and beyond enjoyment as they are bland of detail, development and character. 

Sadly, not a book I will be keeping around my home, giving or recommending to friends.  A 1 our of 5 stars for me at the most.

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