Tuesday, January 13, 2015

iPad Tablet Buddy Review

I love my iPad.  It performs so many tasks for myself and my family, and is often with me wherever I go.  It comes in handy especially on road trips, as I have young children.  What used to be a balancing act or require my arm to fall asleep or negotiate holding time between children has now been solved, thanks to this tablet holder designed just for cars.
This light weight case is durable and versatile.  It offers universal fit, so it works for so much more than just iPads (Google Nexus 10, Samsung Tab S, Tab Pro, Kindle).  With a quick flip of a lever, the holder expands width wise for larger tablets.  The side clips slide up and down to pinch the pad in place, where it stays snugly.  The thing I was most thrilled with is the fact that it works even with my iPad cover in place!  Even with a bulky quilted folder style case on my tablet, it fit just fine with room to spare.
 In addition to holding the tablet in the car, it also performs as a desktop table holder, adjusting to 45 degrees for perfect viewing.  It adjusts for portrait and landscape mode as well.
The only problem I had with my tablet holder arose when I tried to install it on the headrest of my vehicle.  The tablet holder has two width adjustable c-clips that wrap around the headrest posts to hold it snugly in place.  Unfortunately, my Odyssey falls just outside the reach, so I had to take the headrest off and slide the posts through the clips and then back into the seat.  It works, however, and as I intend to keep it in the vehicle most of the time, it is more of an inconvenience than a problem.

It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, taking away any worry with buying.

You can get one for yourself here

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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