Wednesday, January 28, 2015

RepHresh review

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From the Manufacturer:
"Think you’re alone in suffering from feminine odor and discomfort? Far from it! Feminine odor can occur after intimacy, after douching, after your period and even by using body soaps…it’s no wonder so many women suffer!
So what’s a girl to do then? Try RepHresh® Vaginal Gel—an over-the-counter vaginal gel that helps maintain healthy vaginal pH when used once every 3 days. Studies show that vaginal issues often occur when vaginal pH is unbalanced, but by maintaining a healthy vaginal pH, you can help reduce your risk of vaginal issues!
If you’re tired of discomfort and odor then STOP buying products that only deal with the symptoms. Instead, try RepHresh® Vaginal Gel…clinically shown to eliminate the CAUSE—unbalanced feminine pH."
• RepHresh is not intended to prevent or treat vaginal infections
• If you suspect you have an infection, see your doctor immediately

My Review:

I had the chance to try RepHresh Vaginal Gel through the Smiley 360 program recently.  I have mixed feelings.

This product is good for the temporary issue, but not a long-term solution. It does what it promises, eliminating odors quickly and with ease. Application is convenient. The gel goes to work quickly and results last , with re-application needed every 4 days. After some research, I learned that it is definitely a good idea to check with a doctor before making this a regular part of your life, though, as it can mask other issues and even create greater trouble.

I was happy with the results, and will definitely keep this product in mind and on my radar as options to treat the occasional discomfort or odor that may rise up.  

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"I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own."

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