Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Houdini Review

Yay!  Another awesome game just arrived at my house from ThinkFun.  This time, Houdini is the name they have given to the fun.
Designed for players ages 8 to adult, this game plays of the intrigue of Harry Houdini.  40 puzzles involving rope, rings and a lock to secure the miniature Houdni himself allow the player to work through challenges to free Houdini, and without cheating!

Each puzzle gets increasingly more difficult, and take more time to solve.  Players start with puzzle one, which is an easy puzzle, and work their way through challenges increasing to intermediate and then expert.

I thought I was smarter than this game, that I could solve a more difficult puzzle starting out, so I set up puzzle number 11

I messed with this puzzle on and off for much of the afternoon, spending a few minutes each time trying to work out how to get Houdini free.  I finally gave up.  There is some serious challenge in working out these puzzles!  Thankfully, for those like myself who get stuck and need to know the answer, there are video solutions available at Think Fun that show the way to solve each puzzle.

This game offers players hours of fun, solo and as a group.  My friends and family have already spent considerable time working out these puzzles and have enjoyed challenging one another over who can solve it quicker.

Available for $19.99, this is a game worth the cost to add to your game cupboard.

You can check out a video here

Go get one for yourself through ThinkFun or Amazon

I received this game for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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