Monday, April 20, 2015

Clearviewlight Camping Headgear Set Review & Giveaway

As summer approaches, my mind is on planning the first camping trip of the season.  This year, we are upping our game when it comes to lighting, dropping the heavy battery draining hand-held flashlights for headlamps and LEDs.  I recently added a new headlamp to my camping supplies...
The Clearviewlight headlamp is a nice little light!  It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  It is durable and sturdy.
This light comes without batteries and needs to be assembled, as the lamp is not attached to the head band.
Installing batteries in the headlamp is easy.  The light snaps open to reveal the battery compartment, which requires 3 AAA batteries.
Once batteries are in place, this light has four functions.  By pressing the button on top once, the center white lights comes on in bright mode.  A second press of the button dims the white light some.
Pressing the button three times activates the red side lights.  A fourth press of the button turns on red flashers.  One final press of the button turns the light off.

I like how this light functions in comparison to the headlamp I reviewed previously in that the button cycles through all functions and does not require a combination of pushes or holding the button down to switch functions. I also like the ability for this light to tilt, giving users the option to adjust the direction of the beam from straight forward to the ground, depending on need.  The headband has plenty of stretch and adjustablility as well.

The bonus mini light that comes with this headlamp is cheap junk, in my opinion.  It does not come with a battery, or instructions for that matter, so I had to open it up to even determine why it might not turn on to learn it needs a button battery, though there is no indication what size.
Once open for battery installation (which I did not have on hand to try out), this light comes apart too easily and feels very cheap.
Aside from not coming with any instructions and the cheap add on light, I am very pleased with the headlamp and glad to have it for future camping trips.

You can get a set for yourself here

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review


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