Monday, March 23, 2015

Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Review + Giveaway

Spring is finally upon us, and I have begun to look to months ahead filled with outdoor activities, especially camping.  One of my biggest frustrations when camping is being a hand short at night because I have to carry a flashlight everywhere.  This is especially tricky when it comes to helping little ones.  A headlamp is the perfect solution for this problem, and I am very excited to have the chance to try this one out!

The Divine LED XE Series headlamp is well made and built to withstand lots of use.
The adjustable headband stretches and slides to fit any head, from child to adult, and does so comfortably.
It comes with three AAA batteries ready to be installed.  Installation is a snap!  Simply flip the lamp open to reveal the battery compartment...
 Put batteries in place, and close the lamp again.  Simple!
 This headlamp has several settings, from flood to directional, and is super bright.  It also will strobe and has red light for night as well.  All settings are easily changed by a quick push of the button on top.
 With only one button, there is no confusion of fumbling in the dark to get the light you need.  Compact, it is easily stored when not needed and is lightweight as well.  Great for an emergency light, vehicle safety kit, camping, and so much more, these little lights are so handy!

You can find one for yourself  or see all of the other products Divine LEDs offer on their website
or through

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

Now for the even cooler part:  I get to give one away for free!  Leave your comment to earn an entry.

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