Monday, March 23, 2015

Vitamin C Lotion Review

My skin tends to run on the dry side normally, so I am always applying moisturizer of some kind or another.  With the benefits of Vitamin C, why not combine it to skin care?  That is why I wanted to try this new product:
 Though this bottle of moisturizer is rather small, it packs a healthy punch.  Just a little goes a very long way.  In fact, one full pump was more than enough to cover my face fully.
 The lotion is creamy and lightweight, blends in smoothly and clean.  It is not oily nor greasy, but leaves skin feeling fresh and soft.   It did not irritate my skin, but left it feeling hydrated and healthy.

I did not experience any acne or skin troubles after using this cream, and am very happy with its performance.

This moisturizer combines MSM, Green Tea, Vitamin C and Aloe to help restore and nourish skin.  It is said to help even skin tone, strengthen skin elasticity and promote cell turnover to promote healthy skin. While I have not used it long enough yet to speak to the truth of this claim, it is said this moisturizer can lighten sun spots and discoloration as well to reduce wrinkles.

With a full refund guarantee if not fully satisfied, Foxbrim stand behind this product and makes me feel confident about using it.

You can get your own here

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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