Monday, March 30, 2015

iPhone 6 4.7 inch Armband

A new iPhone, a new year and new goals have all led me to invest in an armband
The armband i purchased adjusts to fit a variety of sizes.  Option A allows form 9.5 to 11.5 inch arms and Option B allows for 12 to 15 inch arms.  It is guaranteed to fit any iPhone 6, regardless of mobile carrier.  I would suspect it could be used with nearly any smart phone available right now.

Made of Nylon, Velcro and Lycra, it is built to handle some abuse and is durable, able to protect your phone and keep it safe from moisture while working out.  There is plenty of stretch in the armband and the velcro is of good quality.

I found that I could even fit my iPhone 6 in the sleeve with my OtterBox case on still.  It definitely made the fit snug, and of course my headphone port was covered then, but it still fit and I could get the touch screen to function easily.  For me, this is great because I hate having to take my case off to use other accessories.  With a little adaptation, I can easily use the armband with my case still on and listen to music as I am out and about.  Even with the plastic screen protector, it is easy to use the touchscreen without any trouble.
Included in the armband is a spot to store a key.  This is great for small keys...
But anything that sticks out or has a case around it, such as a car key - no such luck.
Built in headphone and button ports are a convenient addition too!
You can check it out for yourself here

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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