Monday, May 18, 2015

Bluetooth Earphone Review

I enjoy being able to listen to music on the go, but the headphones included with my phone are far from my favorite things to use.  Plastic and contoured differently than is comfortable to my ears, and with the cord I constantly seem to get tangled in somehow, I was open to a new option.  I found the solution in the Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphones.

These things are so cool!  And totally equipped, even better than my phone specific earphones.  There are several awesome features:

An indicator light
A USB port for charging
Volume/Previous Song buttons
A Microphone
Best of all, they are customizable!  They come with different size covers and ear locks to allow the user to get the best fit, promoting movement in exercise and everyday life without constantly having to replace the ear bud or adjust the cord.  They really are comfortable to wear, and hardly noticeable once in, even when doing physical activity.

They are super light-weight and customizable for any ear and head size.  It took me a few minuted to determine how to set them up for myself.  I added what I thought were the smallest ear locks and buds and found they did not fit.  I had to go with just the simple ear tabs to get them to really fit well, but once I figured that out, and how to position them, I was so pleased.

The sound quality is fantastic!  And, the added noise cancellation from the good seal makes them good for so many applications.  While they do not completely block all noise, they do a fantastic job of reducing it to the point that I need to remove at least one earbud to hear someone talking to me clearly.Even better, they are sweat proof, making them fantastic for workouts, summer heat, and high activity level.

Bluetooth technology makes these things really cool and easy to use - no more tangled or knotted cords to deal with or work around.  iPhone and Android smartphone users all around can make these work with the following phone models: iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus and all Android models.  In addition to listening to music, phone calls can be answered or declined right from the headset, without needing to touch the phone.  Syncing is a breeze too.
This earphone set comes will all of the stuff you need to make them work - and more!  Included in the package are:
- Silicon Comfort+ Wireless Headphones
- User manual
- Micro USB charge cable
- Black Carrying Case with soft inner cloth lining and a mesh pocket inside, designed to custom fit your headset
- Ear buds (small, medium, large)
- Outdoor sport Fit Stabilizer.

I had to learn the buttons, as I did not realize the power button was on the side, not the top.  The instructions that come with the headphones are not very specific as far as powering up and especially not when it comes to assembling ear pieces and directional wearing.  So, I had to muddle through this stuff and look at pictures online to figure out how to get them to fit well.  Once in and working, a voice will tell you that the headphones are on, turning off, out of range of the source, switching tracks and using the phone.  But once I did, I found them easy to use and have been happy since.

I am so pleased with these earphones! If there is a better solution out there, I will be impressed, as these things are so awesome, easy to use, and comfortable!

You can get a pair for yourself here 

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.  

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