Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LaLune Naturals Lemon Oil Review

I've added another essential oil to my arsenal this week.  This time, Lemon Oil from LaLune Naturals.

This is a 100% pure therapeutic grade lemon oil in a large 4 oz bottle that is sure to last quite a long time.  It comes with a glass dropper with a rubber top.  It also comes with a free eBook that contains 20 recipes for use with this oil.  The scent is clean, fresh and pure - as it should be, and the oil is clear and contaminant free.

There are many uses for Lemon Essential Oil
 - disinfectant and antiseptic cleaner for sanitizing surfaces
- clears unpleasant odor
- removing stubborn things like grease spots, gum, oil and sticker residue
Great for use in cleaners, diffusers, health and beauty products and other household applications, this oil has many possibilities and is a staple in the essential oil department.

I have put my lemon oil to use in a homemade cleaning solution of vinegar/water, used it to remove stickers in place of products like Goo Gone or the like, and even used in in my bathroom, diluted in water, for disinfecting.  This stuff has so many uses and I am just learning the basics but am already in love with it!

Backed by a "No questions asked hassle free money back guarantee", it certainly eliminates the risk of trying it out.  You can get a bottle for yourself here

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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