Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Car Kick Mat Seat Back Protector Review

With three little kids, a small dog, and a fabric interior, my mini-van is a prime target for all sorts of dirt and grime anywhere little feet can reach.  I am ok with people knowing I have children, and even a sticker here or there on occasion, but filthy car seats from muddy feet are not acceptable to me.  So, seat back protectors are a must in my vehicle.

These new seat back protectors are so-so in my book.  I have a couple of others from different companies, but went with this set because there were to in a pack, a better value.

First impression was that the package was to thin to have two inside.  I opened it up to find two folded into squares.
Upon unfolding the protector, it felt even thinner.  This is a basic vinyl fabric piece with edges sewn and two buckles.  The bottom buckle is elastic to fit around various seat widths while the top is a fabric strap with room to adjust.
These are advertised to be extra big to cover any seat.  I would say average size.

I tried them out in my van, one on either side of a chair to protect the seat front from my rear-facing infant's feet and the seat back from my precocious toddler's feet.
The protector does cover the majority of my seat back (and front), but was not nearly as nice to install as others.  With the fixed length buckle on top, meant to go around seat headrests, I found myself with a problem.  The seat I wanted to install it on had the headrest removed for visibility, so I had nowhere to really hook it.  I ended up flipping the protector upside down to use the elastic belt at the top, but then there was no good way to attach it to the bottom of the seat.  I tucked the buckles into the seat, but they pop out every so often.

Because I had a unique situation, I will not base my opinion of these on that only.  I say they are so-so because of their basic size which compares as the same or a bit smaller than others I have.  I also have a less than ecstatic opinion of them due to buckle and strap limitations.  The thinness of fabric is the biggest reason I am not real thrilled but just feel so-so about them.

That said, they do protect my seats and seem to be wipeable or washable if need be, so I guess they do the trick as they advertise.  For someone who needs a budget friendly option and does not need specialized installation adaptations or care about how thin the fabric is, these will do just fine and function as they should, to keep the car seat fabric clean.

My so-so feelings aside, I am glad to have them as they are definitely helping to keep my seats clean.

You can get a set for yourself here

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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