Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Running Belt Review

I enjoy taking walks quite a bit, but always have something I need to carry along - keys, a phone, kleenex, etc.  So, I looked into a running belt to help make myself more visible and to give my hands freedom from carrying stuff.

The RunBaby running belt offers me the opportunity to do all of that and more.
 Made of expandable, soft, stretchy lycra and an adjustable heavy duty strap with clasp, this belt has lots of potential.  It is reflective and brightly colored to add visibility to exercise as well.
 Inside the belt, there is a key clip sewn into the liner to help hold keys securely.  The clip is a thick plastic that seems able to handle several keys at once or a key ring.
 There is a bunch of room in this belt.  I was able to put my iPhone 6, complete with bulky Otterbox case, into the belt with no trouble at all.  The opening has ample room to place larger objects into it, while the stretch of the fabric holds it securely in place and eliminates bouncing and sliding of objects.
 The adjustable strap is wide and has a very large buckle.  This is where I have some issue with the belt.  I did not like how large the buckle was.  While it definitely is secure and seems able to withstand some abuse, it seems overkill and can be a bit of a task to buckle if one has smaller hands.  Change the size of the strap and buckle and I would like this belt more.
However, it is comfortable when worn and did not slide around or bunch up while I was wearing it.  For this low-impact user, the RunBaby running belt works just fine!

You can check it out for yourself here 

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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