Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pacifier Case Review

With a baby in the house, there is always a pacifier getting lost somewhere.  This is especially frustrating on the go, when I know there is one somewhere in the diaper bag or when I need a clean place to put it.  Thank goodness for products like these pacifier cases!

Purify You sells a set of three that comes in a handy little mesh bag.
 They come in pink, purple and blue, and are much larger than I expected when I first ordered them.  The cases are made of plastic that is strong enough to withstand a good deal of force (such as my 6 year old stepping on one "for fun") without cracking or buckling.
 Each case has an opened hook end for easy attachment inside of or to a diaper bag, belt loop, purse or anywhere else desired.  The hook has some flex to it, so it can bend and stretch a bit if needed to fit around something.
 They hinge open for complete accessibility, and the hinge is strong and durable.
 The bottom of each case has four small holes to allow for air circulation, which is really nice if the pacifier happens to be recently used or washed.  This prevents moisture and yucky stuff from staying in the case or growing, keeping the pacifier more sanitary as well.
 I was able to fit a pacifier with it's strap attached all inside the case with no trouble at all, and even had room enough that it wiggled around and could easily have held a bigger or different styled strap or pacifier.
These cases are very handy and have saved me the headache of digging around for it as well as keeping the germs off of it when not in use.  I fully intend to buy more for friends who are having babies.

You can find them here

* I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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