Tuesday, February 9, 2016

RFID Blocking Wallet for Men - Review

On my list of gift ideas for my husband was a new wallet.  I got the opportunity to purchase a new RFID blocking wallet for him and believe I found a pretty great one sold by ID-Locker
I was so impressed when I opened up the enveloped I received in the mail.  Within the envelope was a box.  In the box was a soft, lined pouch.
Inside that pouch, the wallet was wrapped in a plastic bag with cardboard along each side.
Under that layer, was a thin paper wrapper and inside was more cardboard pieces to protect the leather from sticking to itself.
Finally, I got tot he wallet!  I was impressed already, and I had not even opened it up.  Clearly this company places high importance on quality products and getting those products to the consumer in a fantastic condition.
The wallet itself is a bi fold, slim design black leather.
It's full length pocket is great for cash, just the right size.
There are 8 different card slots within the wallet as well as a flip-up ID pocket for convenience.
Behind the card slots, there are two more pockets for holding other cards or items you wish to carry along as well.
The wallet is made very well, a high quality leather with strong stitching that makes it very durable.  It is soft enough to easily flex in a pocket but plenty strong.  While I cannot speak to the RFID blocking abilities as I am an honest person who does not have such devices, I can say as a a wallet it is top notch.  Knowing it has the safety feature built in sure does not hurt my confidence in the product any, however!

You can find this wallet here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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