Monday, April 11, 2016

Math Dice Chase Review

Think Fun, one of my favorite game companies, has released another fun learning game for kids.  This time, the focus is on learning math facts.
Math Dice Chase is designed to be used played with 4-6 players 3rd grade and older, as it is made to be played using multiplication facts.  The play of the game is simple.  Two people on opposite sides of the table each roll their pair of colored dice and then multiply the two numbers and state the answer (which can be checked by observing players).  Once a fact is answered correctly, the dice pass to the next player and continues around.  The challenge comes in the fact that each person takes a different length of time to roll and solve, causing the dice to eventually catch up with the same person.  This is how the "Hot Potato" factor of the game plays in.  The idea is to stay ahead of the other set of dice so as not to be caught holding both pairs of dice.

This game comes with a storage bag, instructions and four 12-sided dice - two in blue and two in purple.
The dice are fairly large in size, not your basic black and white dotted playing dice.  These are kid friendly, big enough for little hands to easily pick up and roll without slipping out of hands with lesser fine motor skills.  The numbers are easily read and well etched into the dice so as not to rub off with regular play.
It all stores nicely in a small bag to keep pieces together.
We have had fun playing this game as intended with the whole family as well as in an adapted form one-on-one with some of our littles.  The game can easily be adapted for addition or subtraction using the same game play rules, or just for practice.  It is also handy to take on road trips or use for quiet times.  There are so many math learning possibilities for this game beyond the written rules.  This is why I love ThinkFun so much!  The games they create are high quality, learning heavy and easily used for learning and fun beyond the intended use.  Another addition to our educational manipulatives that I will be holding on to for years to come!

You can find this game here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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