Monday, April 11, 2016

Reflective Running Vest Review

I recently acquired this new reflective running vest and reflective arm band combo in my search for safety gear that will get me noticed.  Though I am not a runner, I am active in the view of traffic regularly as a crossing guard for employment and walking for enjoyment.    The more I stand out, the better!

I was able to choose the size I desired for this set, and I went with a medium planning to wear it over my coat when weather is cold.  It comes packaged in a plastic bag, nothing fancy.
 The arm bands are quite large and have a Velcro strip that makes them adjustable.  They easily fit over my biceps in a fleece shirt, with room to spare, so I have no doubt they will work over a winter coat with some adjustment.  They are a full yellow band with plenty of flex to them, a plastic feel and look that stands up to moisture easily.
 The vest is not a full jacket style vest, but more of an x-shaped vest that covers shoulders, chest and back, and then the waist.
 It is made of a fine mesh, which makes it breathable and lightweight.  There are a few gray reflective panels on the chest, back and shoulder fronts and backs, but otherwise this is mostly yellow.
 The vest slips over the head and fastens at the waist, opening on either side with adjustable Velcro strips.  It is not a full length vest, but more of a short, above the waist type deal.
 The main gray panel in the front sits just above a large mesh zippered pocket that could be used for holding a phone or keys, though I wouldn't think I would want either of those in such a position banging against me constantly for running.  Since the vest is not a full abdomen length vest, the pocket sat right a stomach height for me.
 When the vest is on, it fit me securely, but I had plenty of wiggle room in my fleece jacket and extra room to adjust on either side as I had the Velcro secured as close as I could.
Once worn for my daily use, I did note that the vest tended to ride up with my arm and upper body movements, and I had to keep tugging it down as it tended to hang up on my coat or shirt.  It is OK, but more bulk than I imagine a runner would want.  For walking or hiking visibility, I would imagine it would suit someone just fine.

You can find this product here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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