Monday, September 26, 2016

EQtainment Party

I recently had the opportunity to be a participant in an EQtainment Party, where I was exposed to the world of Q Wunder.
 The party pack came with a board game, coloring book, travel game and weighted Q monkey.
 The travel game included three sets of cards - Do, Q and You.  These are the same sets of cards included in the board game, but in a much smaller tin meant just for conversation while traveling.  The cards ask children questions about what they might do in a situation, give them opportunity to explore feelings and emotions and learn appropriate responses.
 The board game contains a board, the same sets of questions and markers as well as instructions for play.  Play is easy and follows basic board game rules with turn taking.  Colors are bright and engaging, and the game is fun for children.
 The die and game markers are large in size, easy for small hands to manage.
 The weighted monkey is provided to teach children the value of taking time to calm down and relax.  By placing Q the monkey on the child's chest, they are to breathe in for three counts and then out for three counts, over and over, inducing a sense of calm as they watch Q rise and fall.
The EQtainment folks have put thought into creating this resource for building emotional awareness and development for young children, a valuable skill in a world that has them rushing around and rarely taking time to be calm or quiet.

My children (2, 4, 6) have enjoyed playing with these toys and games and I, as mom, see a lot of value in these products.

In addition to the physical products, we were also able to use the app and watch the Q-Wunder show thanks to Tryazon.  My children have enjoyed participating in those as well, and they each offer enrichment and enhancement to the Q family of products.

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