Friday, September 2, 2016

The Biggest Story Review

The Biggest Story
written and illustrated by Kevin DeYoung

Never have I seen such a beautifully created adaptation of the Bible's big story as now.  The Biggest Story is a quick overview of the Bible, from creation through main stories and characters, to the cross and the ideas of the New Heaven and New Earth.  Broken into 10 chapters, the audio and visual versions of the book offer listeners and viewers a 30 minute trip through the Bible.  Each chapter covers a different main event.  When listened to in succession, the participant gains an overview of the greatest love story ever written.

Participants are introduced to Jesus as the Snake Crusher.  From the beginning, the story is never overtly about becoming a Christian.  Instead, it offers a Biblical history lesson with the underlying theme that God loves each of us and, throughout time, has sought to love and protect us.  The stories of the Crucifixion and resurrection as well as the coming of a new era are introduced gently and without preaching or the feeling of judgment.  This is a simply beautiful presentation of God's love, His story (and ours), and the opportunity available to those who wish to accept it.

The animated illustrations in the film version are just breathtaking.  Adapted from the book, the slide show type film offers movement in each scene and beautiful illustrations that engage and attract viewers.  Even my youngest child, age 2, was drawn in by the pictures, sounds and music in the DVD and, though she didn't understand the story, was engaged for quite some time.  My older children, 4 and 6, sat through the entire video, glued to the story.

The audio CD offers those on the move the same opportunity to hear the story, only without the visuals.  Same story, same audio track.  DeYoung's voice is calming, his narration clear and filled with ups and downs to keep the listener engaged.  It is just like listening to someone read the book to you.

Pastor, husband and parent of seven, Kevin DeYoung has captured the big story of the Bible and packaged it in a way that is inviting to all, Christian and non-Christian.  His wording offers some humor hidden beneath the story, the kind that has an adult tipping their hat to his references.  Children love to listen to his story telling style.  Whether child or adult, there is enjoyment in hearing this as well as immense pleasure in viewing it.

While we have never owned or even held a copy of the book for ourselves, I now want to go out and buy it.  This glimpse into the book has made me desire to own a copy for my shelf that we can read as well.  I don't know that I have ever been so in love with a book, video or audio so much as this one, and not just because I am a believer.  This is truly a masterpiece and anyone who has the chance to see or hear it will be blessed.

You can check out samplings of the film and audio book here:
Animated Film Short
Audio Book Sample

You can win a copy for yourself simply by commenting with the name of your favorite Bible character.

* I received these items for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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