Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Treasury of Modern Mother Goose Rhymes

A Treasury of Modern Mother Goose Rhymes
by Lillian Rose Jensen

Written by a visually impaired mother and grandmother, presumably of Native American descent as deduced by the back cover description of her home on a reservation in Wisconsin.  Whether this is supposed to make the reader like the book more, I am unsure.  My props to anyone who writes and has a book published, as it is an accomplishment. I am, however, not so sure this one should have been published for mass readers...

Overall, not impressed with this book.  The only color in the book is on the cover.  For that matter, the only illustrations in the entire book are on the cover.  Not a book that is engaging for children in the least, the only draw to the book is the words, which offers a very small draw if any. 

The "modern" nursery rhymes seem to focus on flying around the moon in a space ship or some version of that, mixed in with Mother Goose and many other made up characters.  Each page is its own "nursery rhyme", and some only 2 verses long, leaving a very white and empty page behind.  The rhymes themselves feel forced, words being placed only because they did rhyme. 

A nice effort and a sound idea which could be fun and entertaining, but lacking in illustration, color and general reader interest.  Sadly, this book only gets one start out of five from me.

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