Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Best For My Pets Bully Sticks Review

We've had our puppy about 5 months now, and are loving having her as a part of our family.  Much different than our previous dog, this dog is young and loves to chew.  So many toys, articles of clothing and more have been destroyed by her so far.  So, I was interested in finding a safe, appropriate outlet for her to release her chewing needs.  When I came across the chance to try these Bully Sticks, I went for it.
These sticks should have no odor to them.  When I opened up the bag, there was a very slight odor, but nothing off-putting and I was unsure whether this was actually from the sticks themselves for from being packaged.  After being chewed on for a bit, the moisture created a stronger odor.  Again, nothing that would be much different than other chews or treats, but detectable and not a smell I would want getting absorbed into my furniture over any length of time.
Made of all natural, 100% pure beef, I feel good giving here these sticks.  They are free of chemicals, preservatives or additives, just meat.  Made from dried muscle, they are 100% digestible, low in fat, a great source of protein, and free of gluten and grains.  Still, they are hard like bones, so there is longevity to this treat.  Even better, they are hard to break into tiny pieces that could be choked upon.
My dog loves these Bully Sticks, and they keep her entertained for quite some time.  She seems to like the taste and definitely enjoys chewing them.  I love them because she is safely entertained with a healthy treat and there is no mess for me to clean up later, as some rawhide and other chew treats have.  I like that these sticks do more than just entertain my dog.  While she chews, they work at cleaning her teeth and keeping them strong.
A 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee comes with these sticks, so I felt confident in trying them risk-free.

You can check them out for yourself here



I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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