Tuesday, November 17, 2015

allreli 8-Pin USB Cable Review

With multiple Apple products in our house, we have several charger needs.  Unfortunately, some of the cheaper spare lightning cords I purchased have already failed and have left  me searching for something more durable and longer lasting.  So, when this package arrived in the mail, I was excited to test it out.
Very securely packaged, this 6 foot (yes, 6 foot, not the usual 3) cable was packaged in a big enough box to keep from having it kinked or scrunched into pinch points as others I have purchased did.  Instead, it was nicely coiled with plenty of room to move within the well sealed box.
I immediately loved how durable this cable feels.  The braided cord is super strong and flexible and the ends feel as if they are made of quality materials, not cheap.  The USB and 8-pin plugs do not bend in their cases as some others I have used do.
This cord is super long!
More than 6 feet (really, I measured!)
It plugs in to my phone just as it should, and immediately connects.  No need for jiggling or wondering if the error message will pop up saying it is incompatible.  Even with my Otterbox case on the iPhone 6, it plugged right in with no trouble at all.
The USB end plugs right in as expected as well.
The case on the cord is not only pretty, but protective and strong.  It holds up to bending, stretching, kids, pets, and all of the abuse I could think to reasonably throw at it.  While I cannot speak to the longevity of this cord yet, I am absolutely thrilled with the construction and materials and have very high hopes that this cord will outlast my need for it (given Apple's constant changing of such things)

You can find one for yourself here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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