Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nature Art Coloring eBook Review

The adult coloring book craze has finally reached my house, and I am definitely in love with the idea. A fan of coloring for many years past childhood, I was stuck using my kids' color books - until now. 

While I am more of a fan of pages that do not necessarily have a specific picture, more design in nature. I have purchased a couple of books and enjoyed working in them immensely, so I figured an e-book could be as much fun. It does provide me the opportunity to take up less shelf space, as I only print what I want, and can use scrap paper so I am not wasting new paper as well, which I like. 

The 30 pictures in this book are very unique and the hand drawn art is quite detailed and amazing. The nature scenes are beautiful and calming to color.  Definitely worth checking out!

You can find it for yourself here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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