Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Houzon® Safety Reflective Armband LED Light with 3 Flashing Modes-blue Review

My job as a crossing guard puts me outside in the dark quite often.  I also find myself outside in the dark for walks.  Even with reflective attire, it doesn't draw as much attention as flashing lights do.  So, I was in the market for a reflective LED armband when I came across the opportunity to get and try out this one.
Your basic armband with an LED strip inside, this one  is made of a sturdy nylon strap with a decorative  leopard print facing, a durable metal hook and a looped velcro portion with strong velcro.
The LED strip and  of control tucks inside the armband in a little pocket that runs the length of the product.  It can be easily removed for strap washing as well as battery replacement.
When turned on, the LED strip lights up blue and has three modes of operation - fast flash, slow flash, and steady on.  Each press of the button advances to the next mode.  Turning the unit off requires cycling through all three modes.
When lit, the armband is plenty bright and visible.
It is very easy to put the armband on and operate it while being worn.  y It is adjustable simply by pulling or loosening up on the length of band before securing with the velcro patch.  The battery life is reported to be 50 hours.  It runs on your basic button battery.

I feel more visible wearing this armband, and safer because of that.  This goes on my list of recommended products for sure.
You can buy them here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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