Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Live Infinitely Double Camping Hammock Review

I have been hoping for a hammock for some time.  I had one as a kid and spent countless hours reading books in that thing.  Though winter is soon upon us, I finally found a chance to get one, and I even got to put it to use!

The Double Camping Hammock by Live Infinitely comes with tree straps, so it is an all-in-one package.  All you need to add is trees or posts and you are all set.
 Included in the package are hanging and care instructions.  The straps and hammock each come in their own storage packs, and everything is condensed and small enough to pack away without the needed storage space some hammocks require.
 The included straps are very long and have heavy duty rings sewn into loops with very strong webbing for easy hanging in nearly any location.
 The hammock itself folds out of the bag, which remains attached and can act as a pocket.  A two-toned hammock, the center is purple with black/charcoal sides.
 The ends of the hammock are sewn around a cord which is hooked to a carabiner that easily clips onto the strap rings for quick hanging and removal.
 My yard is lacking in close trees, so I used the next best thing - my clothesline posts.  Once I wrapped the 300 pound strap around the pole twice,
passing it through the ring,
I then simply snapped the carabiner into the strap loop
and we were set to go.
Following guidelines, I hung it about 2 feet off the ground to start with, accounting for sag once a person climbed inside.
With two of my children inside, it sagged a very small bit, maybe 6 inches, and even after I climbed it, the distance to the ground did not change much.  This left us comfortable and able to hang without dragging, but still safe should someone fall out.
 Once hung, the storage bag, which is attached, hangs nicely on the side and is great for storing items if needed, as well as remaining on hand for easy pack-up
 This hammock has tons of room!  With myself and two children inside, it still wanted to fold up around us.  It is very well made.  Constructed from parachute material, it is rated for 450 pounds, with the combined straps able to hold 400 pounds.  It is made with high quality cords and carabiners on the hammock end.
 Triple stitching is all the way around this thing, keeping seams strong.
I am so impressed with this hammock.  It is so lightweight and easy to transport, as well as set up, but strong and big!  I cannot wait to put this thing to work next summer.

Get one for yourself here!

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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