Friday, December 4, 2015

AirComfy Pillowcase Review

 I purchased the AirComfy pillow almost a year ago, and have been very pleased with it. You can find my review of the pillow here.
But, when the option came for me to add a pillowcase to it, I was very interested. 
The AirComfy pillowcase comes in it's own little storage bag. The front is seamless and smooth, made of a very soft fabric. 
The back snaps open for easy installation of the AirComfy pillow. 
Once the pillow is in place, the snaps easily close back around the elastic strap, keeping the pillow functional. 
There is even an opening on one corner for the air valve to fit through.
This pillowcase is well made. Snaps work great, there is plenty of space for the pillow to slide in, yet once installed the pillow stays put and the pillowcase does not bunch up. 
The fabric is very soft and comfortable to lay against. The color is neutral, but of a shade that does not show dirt quickly. When the pillow is not in use, the pillowcase conforms to the pillow as air is removed and it is rolled up for storage. 
It just fits perfectly! I am very happy with this pillowcase!

You can find it here!

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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