Friday, December 11, 2015

Hair & Beauty Accessory Set for Dolls

For girls with American Dolls, or some similar 18" version of this doll, it soon follows that clothes and accessories are desired.  For the little girl who enjoy playing with hair and makeup with their dolls, this set is the perfect thing.

Geared toward ages 6+, there are some smaller pieces in the set that could be dangerous to little hands. The set comes packaged in a non-descript box.
Within the box, each item is nestled into a pocket inside the plastic case which has a cover.  In this way, no matter how much the box is tipped or shaken, the pieces stay nicely displayed when it is time for the little girl to open her gift.
This set comes with so many things!
- apron with three pockets to hold items
- drape for doll to wear during the beauty session
- curling iron
- hair brush
- mirror
- 2 perfume bottles
- lipstick with removable cap
- makeup compact that opens
- makeup brush stand with 5 removable brushes (these are plastic replicas, not actual brushes)
- tiara
- 2 barrettes
- 2 ponytail holders
Hours of fun are in store with this set.  While intended for 18" dolls, it will work with smaller dolls as well, and with a young child's imagination, there is no limit.
The downside of this set is that it is not expensive, so some of the pieces feel a little cheap.  The tiara and barrettes will not withstand much abuse, but the brushes, perfume bottles and compact are more durable.  Stickers make up the compact contents, so I can see these not lasting, but otherwise it seems to be a toy that will withstand little girl play for some time.

You can check it out for yourself here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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