Monday, December 21, 2015

Manual Coffee Grinder Mill Review

My husband is a coffee lover.  We have a Keurig that we use very regularly, but the cost of K-Cups adds up quickly, so we have begun purchasing ground coffee and putting it into re-usable K-Cups.  We have had troubles with different brands and how fine their blends are with the Keurig, however, and decided to try grinding our own to get the right size grains for maximum brewing in our machine.

Until we were sure it would work as we hoped, we did not want to invest a lot into specialty beans or an expensive grinder that took up space, so we opted to start out with this little grinder.

The Dual Chef coffee grinder comes well packaged and protected, surrounded by bubble wrap within a box, with the handle packaged separately from the main body to avoid scratching during transport.
The handle is a strong stainless steel, with no sharp edges, and a plastic knob that freely spins to ease in griding.
It is easily assembled by simply putting the handle over the post on the top.
Made of a high quality stainless steel, the entire unit looks nice and is very durable and easy to maintain
The main body of the grinder easily slides apart.  The top has a small cap that the post slides through.  This is where beans are put.  The bottom half is lined with a clear plastic cup and has a window so you can see progress.  
The bottom of the top half has the grinding wheel.  By simply turning this gear one way or the other it adjusts how fine the grind will be.  I highly recommend turning the handle several times and giving the full unit a good wash before use, as I noted a fine white powder the first few times I spun the handle, the result of the gears initially being put to use.
When it is time to put your grinder to use, it is a very simple process. Simply put beans into the top half, filling up to the top of the black basket inside.  
Replace the top cap, put the handle on, assure that the bottom half is snugly fit around the top half, and begin.  Turning the handle for 2-4 minutes results in enough coffee for 2 cups roughly.
The unit can be used to store the ground coffee until it is needed as well, with the convenient window showing how much is inside.
This little unit is very easy to use and adjust for your desired grind; from Espresso to French Press, Percolator, and any other kind you need.  It is so nice and small, easy to transport and perfect for travel.  It is also nice that it takes up so little space in my kitchen.  I can easily toss it into a drawer and it is out of sight.  No need for electric cords or outlets to use this grinder, which makes it great for camping or backpacking.

This grinder comes with a 100% money back guarantee and is backed by a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, which makes it even nicer to try for yourself.  

You can find it here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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