Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reusable Food Pouches Review

I love the convenience of the food pouches on the market now, but not so much the processed foods inside or the waste involved.  When I got the opportunity, I purchased a set of reusable pouches to try out.

This 6 pack of food pouches comes packaged simply enough.
The front is decorated with fun pictures (balloons in this case) and the back has spaces to write the child's name and the date the pouch was filled for easy tracking of food safety.
The bottoms of these pouches seal much like a Zip-Loc bag.  This makes them easy to fill and wash.  The seal is leak proof and can even withstand a child squeezing a sealed pouch without bursting. 
The tops of the pouches are sealed with the same twist off lids as the store bought variety.  Once the top is twisted off, you find the familiar spout a child can then suck the food out of the pouch through. 
 My only confusion with this product was in the lid.  The lids were sealed as a new store product would be.  I had to break the plastic seal to twist it loose.  Once that was done, I was left with the broken seal pieces still stuck to the lid.  These pieces are sharp and jagged, and not something I would feel comfortable giving to my child until removed as the product is intended to be re-used.
It was very easy to fill the pouch with applesauce, other fruit purees, even yogurt, and my children enjoyed them very much.  They were great for on the go and allowed my kids to eat messier snacks without the need for spoons.  The pouches retain their shape and condition well.  I did find that I could only fill them half to full or the contents would squeeze out as I tried to seal the bottom. 
I definitely recommend these over the store bought variety for the value, eco-friendly aspect, and the ability to use foods from your own home.

You can find them here

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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