Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil Review

In my quest to live healthier, I have been taking fish oil supplements for some time.  I have tried many different kinds, some cheap, some expensive, many with the fishy aftertaste or burps. This time around, I turned my attention to Life & Food's Omega-3 Supreme.
The bottle is well sealed and packaged.  It comes in a cardboard box, with an outer plastic ring seal around the cap and an inner bottle seal as well.
Once the bottle was unsealed and opened, I was curious about the smell and sniffed inside the package.  I was sad to note an obvious fishy smell.  Perhaps this is from the factory, spilled oil from inside a capsule, or just the result of having such a product in a bottle.  I noticed that the pills themselves were smaller than I anticipated.  Most that I have taken are the large capsules or tablets, but these were much smaller.
The 180 capsules are an amber hue with a coating that is not sticky, but is soft and flexible if pressed.  The soft gelatin capsules have an Enteric coating to help increase the absorption of the Omega-3's (by slowing down the ability for stomach acid to break them down) and work to reduce fish burps.  Two capsules makes a daily serving.
When I consumed them, I awaited the telltale fishy evidence, but was happy to find I did not experiences any of those effects, even with my concern at the fishy smell in the bottle.  Small enough to easily swallow, they go down easily and do not lodge or taste bad on the way.  

This product is MSC Certifified.  Made and manufactured in the USA through a multi-stage process of cold extraction, molecular distillation and filtration, a pure fish oil is created without fish odor, taste, PCB's, chlorinated oganpollutans and heavy metal toxins.  It goes through a 3rd party testing process to check for purity and Omega-3 efficacy.

You can find it here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review

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