Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Folding Step Stool Review

With little ones in the house, I am constantly in need of a step stool for someone to reach something, and sometimes I need one for myself as well.  While we have those little steps for the bathroom for potty training, they take up space and don't store well, and don't provide much reach either as they are short.  I was interested in finding a good quality folding step stool to keep on hand.

This step stool from Home It fits the bill perfectly.  It provides 13 inches of reach, is made of a strong black plastic and easily folds away for storage..
 When folded up, this step is quite narrow and can easily tuck into little narrow spaces, a cupboard, or alongside a wall.  The handy little handle makes it able to hang on a hook as well for storage.
 The of the step has white dots all over it, which help provide some traction while using the step.  It is very lightweight due to the built in holes, but it still can hold up to 300 pounds easily.
 Using the step is as easy as pressing the handle down to unfold the step.  No latches or further steps.  Simply unfold and step on.  This step is quite sturdy and built of a strong plastic.  The top sits flat and does not sag or buckle under weight.
 The bottoms of the step have little rubber feet to keep it from slipping, providing even more safety and security.
 I am very pleased with this step.  My children can easily operate it on their own and it allows them to reach what they need without needing me to lift them.  Bathroom and kitchen sinks are now accessible to them.  I have found plenty of opportunity to use this step when accessing upper cupboards and cleaning above my head level.  It is compact, lightweight and attractive while sturdy, durable and strong.  Exactly what I needed!

You can find one for yourself here:

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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