Monday, May 2, 2016

All Powercore Pacs Review

I love the convenience of these little packets. Just toss on in the drum of the washing machine, add clothes no start the cycle. No more measuring liquids or powders, it is all pre-measured and combined in one little package. Powder and liquid together in a soft pack.

It is a little larger than other products I have used from other brands in that the soaps are side by side, separated by a thin skin instead is packed on top of one another. A different look, same function.

I liked the fresh smell when the clothes came out of the wash and dryer. It helped to address some odors other soaps had not cleaned away. However, I have found a residue that is the clear packaging after each wash. It is supposed to completely dissolve, but I keep finding a jellified wad at the edge of the door after each wash cycle. It makes me wonder what else might be clinging to my clothes instead of rinsing away. Or what damage it might do to my machine over time if this stuff builds up where I do not see it. I want to like them more, but those things leave me hesitant to purchase any more.

*i received this procuct for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review as part of the Smiley360 program 

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