Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Prenatal Vitamin Review

To go along with the Prenatal DHA + Vitamin D3 supplements I reviewed recently, I have also been trying out these Prenatal Vitamins also made by Zenwise Health.  This bottle of prenatal vitamins comes in a huge 300 count.  It is you basic prenatal vitamin, perfect for expecting or breastfeeding mamas like myself. 
 The bottle comes well sealed.  Once the outer plastic seal is removed from the cap, there is an additional paper seal that must be removed in addition to a wad of cotton.  I did not find any broken pills in my bottle and felt very secure that the contents had been well protected.
 Inside are brown vitamins.  They are your basic oval shaped pill.  They are manageable in size and easy enough to swallow with a little water.  I didn't notice any taste after consuming them.
 A serving is 2 pills, so this bottle will last a very long time!
Each of these pills contain the following:
- 800 mcg of Folic Acid
- 2,000 IU of Vitamin A
- 100 mg of Vitamin C
- 25 million CFU of probiotics
- Vitamin D2
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin B
Additionally, these vitamins are made in the USA in a FDA registered location with GMP and NSF certifications.

You can find this product here

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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