Monday, May 2, 2016

Muscle Roller Stick Review

Ever since my runner friend told me about her muscle roller stick, I was intrigued and wanted one for myself for the days when my large muscles are sore after exercise or a day of hard physical labor.  I had the opportunity to purchase this 18 inch muscle roller stick recently and have enjoyed having it in my home.

The Muscle Stick comes simply packaged in a slim cardboard box.  
The stick is very sturdily built.  The black rubber handles have grip to them to aid in muscle rolling without slipping hands.  The central rolling discs are a hard plastic and each rolls separately along an internal rod.  They roll quietly, no squeaking, only the sound of the plastic discs rolling.  They also roll very smoothly.  This muscle rolling stick is adjustable for more or less friction by pulling the handle grips out a little along the internal rod, which allows for easier rolling or more friction.  Doing so is easier said than done, and I gave up on adjusting it, figuring it worked just fine as is and doubting I will ever need to adjust it.  
For large muscle groups like calves, thighs, and even arms, this is a great tool.  It does not work well for backs as it can be painful along the spine.  Easy enough to roll by yourself and get relief quickly, this roller massages and presses muscles to release knots after extensive work and strain.

You can get one here

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and un-biased review.

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