Monday, August 25, 2014

Rosehip Oil Review

InstaNatural Rosehip Oil Review
When I recently had the chance to try the Deep Cleansing Oil by InstaNatural, I also opted to try the Rosehip Oil.  A newbie to the natural oils and beauty products, I was intrigued by its claimed benefits and wanted to see for myself.

Among the many uses of Rosehip Oil are:
 - facial moisturizing
 - hair and scalp (alone or in a hot oil treatment)
 - added to conditioner for an extra nutrient boost
 - for nails and cuticles
Rosehip Oil moisturizes the skin and can help diminish the appearance of scars & stretch marks. Also great for sun spots, age spots, brittle nails, damaged hair & more!

This oil has a very strong odor, not at all like roses.  A 100% pure oil, there are no additives Extracted from the seeds of roses, it carries a very characteristic warm earthy smell.  Not really pleasant to me, I decided to add it to my current facial moisturizer and hair conditioner.  Still in the early stages of using this oil, I have yet to see the long term effects of using it, but am already enjoying the moisturizing qualities.

With a lifetime hassle free guarantee, there is no reason not to put this natural beauty enhancer to work for you.  

You can get your own here.

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